Our message, in a bottle

“Melio comes from the word ‘meliorism’ which means ‘making the world better through human effort’. Our brand does this by choosing ingredients that are locally-sourced and cruelty-free and packaging that has a low impact on the environment.”

— Richard Francis, Founder

Melio is
kinder gentle refillable effective sustainable local us you

Low footprint, high impact

We are over 90% plant-based

We source the highest quality plant-based ingredients for our range and keep them in the purest, but most active forms possible. And in case you were wondering, the other 10% is just necessary preservatives to keep your products lasting longer.

We don’t have a type

Founded by an LGBTQI+ couple with a blended family, we want our products to be accessible to everyone. Having felt isolated by the skincare world in the past, it’s essential to us that Melio is a welcome space to learn about skincare and become empowered – no matter your background or preferences.

We keep it local

Our goal is to produce high-quality skincare products, with minimal environmental impact. So we work collaboratively with local Queensland farmers (including Alison and Peter at Fruit Forest Farm), who have the land’s best interest at heart.

We package with the planet in mind

Our packaging has been designed so that the environment doesn’t suffer on our watch. We use recycled, recyclable and compostable materials and our containers are refillable, making our products even better value for you.